2019 Blogs and Pics

Green Bay, WI

The Final Crush was the title for the last monster truck show we will ever be a part of in the Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena. News has it that the building will be torn down this spring and replaced with something new. The way it sounds it will not be big enough to perform freestyle motocross in. Although we are saddened by this news we've had a solid 12 year run involved with the Monster XL tour and its been a blessing. 

Cody and I arrived thursday morning to get our bikes inside to thaw out. Its been intensly cold here for the previous couple weeks and would take the full 24 hours we had before practice to get warmed up. Scot arrived shortly after us to get the ramp thawed and washed also. We finished up around 4 pm and headed home. Friday morning we all did some needed bike work and got the ramps set up for practice. Lord willing everyone made it through saftely and we were ready for the evenings festivities. The friday night show went awsome, it was good to get back out in front of a crowd after being off the bike for 4 months!

Saturday matinee was the best show of the weekend. The stands were full and the crowd was electric!! We all rode great and had a great time. Saturday night show was also good and we went out with a bang for our last performance! It was all hands on deck getting the ramps torn down and packed up so we could get over to the Tundra Lodge for Cody's suprise birthday party. It was great to hang out with the whole crew and tell stories of the years past, and a big thanks to Sick Air CO for including us in these shows for the past couple years. We also thank GOD for keeping us safe through the weekend and on to bigger and better things!!

Rincon, GA

Just in time to save my sanity we were heading southbound to meet up with Travis Willis, Trevor Cartmill and Team FMX at the 2019 Gears and Grub car show in Rincon, Georgia. I travel to a lot of these shows alone and it does get a little boring and lonely driving alone but for this trip I was lucky enough to have my Mom and Aunt Sherry tag along in their car behind me. They were  also going stir crazy from the long winter and decided to head south with me and take a short vacation to Savanna, Georgia. I had a few stops to make in southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois so we met up just south of Chicago and convoyed south. Our goal was to make it to Calvert City, Kentucky where there was a Toterhome for sale that I was stopping to look at. We got in about 10 pm that night 30 miles west from our destination and stopped to get a hotel.  Early the next morning we headed to meet up with the guy with the truck. After a brief look and ride in the vehicle we got back on the road for the 11 hours drive to Savanna. 

The next morning in Savanna we had a few hours to spare so we all went downtown for a Trolley tour of the city. Later that afternoon I met up with Travis at the venue and we got set up and practiced for the Saturdays event. Trevor Cartmill arrived at the same time we did and we made it through practice safetly.

The next morning we met back up at the Venue and got ready for the shows. We were scheduled for three performances and the first two were the fullest. The third was still pretty good but the day was winding down. We both rode awsome and got great reviews from the promoter and everyone involed. We are already booked to come back next year and I can't wait to do it again! We thank Jesus for keeping us safe and look forward to the next show.


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