2016 Blogs and Pics

Bell, FL

The first call of the year comes from our freind Travis at TeamFMX.com for a TOP SECRET PHOTO SHOOT in Bell, Florida. 

The assignment was to remove all graphics, and cover all logos for a FMX photo shoot with world renowned photographer Dave Black. Black and his team were scheduled to shoot on Monday the !8th of January at the Royster MX compound, so my friend Chad and I jumped in the truck and headed down south. We arrived a few days early to meet up with Travis, prep the riding spot and get some practice in.The morning of the shoot we got started setting up the bucket truck for Dave and had  a small meeting to go over what he wanted to accomplish for the day, then we headed over to world famous Akins BBQ in Bell to have some lunch. 

Travis was the first rider up for some practice shots, then I followed shortly after. We each jumped about twenty times each and then switched. Travis was busting out big cordovas and bar hops, I was working and some nac nac flips and some no handed flips. Rich Royster co-owner of imuscleup.com and also owner of the riding spot  arrived on scene just before sunset to join in the festivities. Rich hadn’t rode in over three years until this day and within ten minutes was busting huge KODs and cliffhangers!!! The dude was going off!!!! I was so pumped to see Rich come out swinging after being off the bike for so long. Dave and his team took hundreds of photos that day and some really cool video and very soon we will be putting some of that stuff up so check back.

Everyone had a great time riding and working together! I’d like to give a special thanks to William and Sheila Royster for the hospitality!! YOU GUYS ROCK! Big thanks to Rich for coming out and riding with us! THANK GOD for keeping us safe. Thank you to Nikon cameras for sending Dave out to shoot with us. Check out some of Dave’s work on instagram @daveblackphoto and keep checking back with us for more updates soon!!





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